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Company History

Boardwalk Trading 1035 cc started trading in the solvents industry in 2007 as “Afrisolvents”. As a result of company restructuring in July 2014, the trading name of the registered entity was changed to “Flash Solvents”. Flash Solvents specializes in the manufacturing and packaging of solvents commonly used in paint, ink and printing industries. The raw materials used to produce our solvents are of the highest quality and are sourced from our trading partners (i.e. SASOL, ENGEN and BP respectively).

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to satisfy our customers, and that is done by meeting their expectations on quality of products, as well as service delivery. We ensure that service delivery is performed in a professional and diligent manner.


The management of Flash Solvents applies the hands-on approach and goal-setting management style. Customers come first, and addressing their concerns is a priority.



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